Monday, 5 March 2018

Lost key-store or key pair?

If you had this experience , it's frustrating ...
Without your key-store and key-pair you can't even update your application, publishing a new app is out of the question.
While it's not possible to recover your lost key-store or key pair there is a solution for this problem.

What you will need to do

If you didn't lost the key-store skip step 1
Step 1 : Create a new key-store 
Step 2:  Generate a new key-pair 
Step 3:  Extract the certificate of the key-pair to pem format 
In command line type :
keytool -exportcert -rfc -alias <upload> -file <upload_certificate.pem> -keystore <keystore.jks>

Step 4:  Contact Support Team by filling this form 

You should attach the exported certificate you created on step 3 and describe the problem in the form.
The support team responds usually in 2 working days

Step 5:  Avoiding future headaches

Always keep a copy of your key-store and your passwords in a safe location , i personally use google drive. 

More info:

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