Thursday, 1 February 2018

QR Code Scanner

I have built a simple qr code scanner , by using it you can connect to WiFi hot-spots, import contact information, browse websites and generally gain access to lots information by just scanning the qr code with the app.

QR codes can be found almost everywhere : cafes, airports , public spaces , WiFi hot spots , in products , stores and in any place where there is a need to share information about a product or a service.

They can contain information about WiFi connection details, contact information , websites , maps , text, sms , e-mails , phone numbers, even events .
You can quickly access that information to get information from promotions and special offers to contact details with just a scan!

Although similar tasks can be accomplished using NFC technology , NFC has some drawbacks :
  • Not all devices support it : newer devices support NFC but the majority is not.
  • Special circuits :  NFC requires tags embedded in labels or smart posters to share information the same way qr codes do.
Qr codes can be read by almost any smartphone with a camera and an app, qr codes can be generated and printed with ease in almost any surface inexpensively. 

 QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanner Download

With QR Code scanner or your favorite QR Scanner (hoping to make mine your new favorite) you can have access to that valuable information!

The app is designed with simplicity in mind , big buttons located close to a users finger can help make a better experience using the app.

 If the scanner finds WiFi information it will prompt you to connect to that network , with one click will automatically enter the required details to join the WiFi !
Hassles like copy paste and manually entering WiFi details are now in the past.

You can view and  import a contact with a simple tap


Other Features :

  •  Scan and connect to WiFi networks that provide qr code within the app!  no more typing and time wasting!
  • Scan images for qr codes or barcodes
  • QR codes containing websites are automatically opened in your preferred browser!
  • Supports : email , sms , maps , phone numbers, websites and WiFi !
  • In low light conditions press the volume up button (when the scanner is running) and the flashlight will be activated! 

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