Friday, 30 November 2012



What is Linux ?
Linux is a Unix-like (is not a UNIX) operating system. Linux in fact is a kernel (the operating system it self) without any additional software installed on it.
That is where the distributions come , a Linux Distribution is a flavor , a collection of pre installed components that comprise a Complete Operating System .

There are different distributions that serve different purposes : Desktop , Firewall , Server , and many other functions . Some Distributions are not free but the most of them are .

Linux is not used as much as Windows , Right ?

The hard truth is that only applies to end users only , in fact Linux and Unix are integral parts of Computing in ways you may have not noticed yet !

The majority of the INTERNET web servers are Linux/Unix systems and that is not because they are cheap …
The proven stability , the superior security provided by these operating systems make them suitable choices not only for web servers but also Major Players in the Computer Networking using Linux (they have build their own proprietary distros) , examples are the Cisco Systems Cisco Unified Communication Manager ( VoIP call manager ) , Access Control Service Server ( AAA services ) and other Vendors as well are using Linux to provide reliable services .

Linux is also used on : Smart phones , media players , routers and other devices!
It is really amazing in how many ways Linux is used , that power is out there free and available for all to use !!

Is Linux for me ?

It is really all about if you want to spend time and effort to get started with Linux , there are some limitations on Linux especially on Video drivers NVIDIA has great support for linux while Radeon has not.

You need to have the will to learn something new from scratch , you do not need to be a hacker or a genius to do so.

What distribution is for me ?

That depends on what you want to do with your computer , if you are an average user you will need a Desktop distribution that can cover your needs.
There are beginner distributions to begin your journey :)
Examples : Ubuntu , Mint , Fedora and many more !!!

For enterprise environments a Server or a Specialized distribution is preferred.

Is it difficult to use Linux ?

Anything new is a little confusing but you do not need to worry, of course you will need some practice to get used to Linux. A good solution is to install Linux on a virtual machine first to practice (Virtual Box is a free Solution) .
One big difference that you will experience is the installation of new software , on Linux
you will not go to a website to download an application (except certain circumstances ex: when you download source code to compile) but you will use a software manager to do that for you, just select the software you want to install and the software manager will handle everything else.There are applications that you may have used on Windows that can run on Linux as well ex: Firefox , Chrome
Each distribution has it's own software manager pre installed but the same logic applies to most of them .(of course you can install other managers if you like as well)

One cool thing about Linux is that when you run the Update Manager it is not only updates the Operating System but your applications as well ! Bye bye outdated software !!! :P

In addition you can install Windows applications on Linux using Wine but not all of them work. The same can be done with games as well , Play on Linux can be used to install Windows Games on Linux (keep in mind that some are not working) .

Linux distributions for Desktop use come with many tools installed for Internet , Office , Multimedia and other useful apps. 

Is Linux Safe to Use ?

 Linux is not affected by most viruses and other harmful software.
But you should be careful not just with Linux but with ANY Operating System when it comes to security. But in general terms Linux is safe to use.

Do I need to learn command line to use Linux ?

No!!! If you do not wish to learn how to use the command line you do not have to at all !
Linux Can support many window managers that you can use to configure your Computer.
And of course you can install at any time additional window managers : KDE , GNOME ,UNITY , LXDE , XFCE ,Enlightenment

You can Customize your Desktop way more than Windows Easily.

Where can I get Linux ?

There is a website with many Distributions of Linux and UNIX as well at

Is Linux difficult to install ?

Linux is really easy to install , there is graphic installation guide that will get you step by step through the installation process.

Linux needs some time and effort to learn it but it is not something difficult to achieve , if you have questions each Linux Distribution has a Community to help you get started.
All that free of charge .

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