Friday, 4 April 2014

Why Microsoft products are full of Bugs?

Browsing over the Internet you will find numerous complaints about Microsoft products that are insecure , full of bugs and so on...
Lately many people state that Windows 8 is horrible and difficult to use.

While there is some truth behind those facts , the truth is that every piece of software is prone to flaws and especially the Operating Systems because they are complex and sophisticated software.

But why Microsoft products are so buggy?

The truth is that Microsoft is the Top vendor in the Operating systems market , making it a target for :
  • Malicious Hackers
  • Penetration Testers
  • Vulnerability Researchers
  • Software Pirates (Crackers )
  • Others
Having a large group of talented experts targeting Microsoft products it is only natural to find many bugs and vulnerabilities .

There is also some individuals that state that Mac OS and Linux are safer and have less bugs than Windows , that is an assumption usually made by ignorance , lets assume that Mac OS or Linux is the Most popular OS then just wait a few days (or less) and you will see how many bugs and vulnerabilities are going to get discovered …

Windows is the primal target for many years and that makes it better and more secure , as bugs are discovered solutions are getting implemented resulting to an improved software.

 Is Windows 8 horrible ?

Lets think about the purpose of Windows 8 , it is an OS that is developed to get used by devices with touch screen not Desktops , while you can use it for Desktop use you can experience why people are getting so annoyed by it, another reason is that it is different than Windows 7 and many people just do not want to learn something new and complain instead.

Windows 8 is made for Tablets , Smart phones and PCs with touch screen also the security and performance are greatly improved .

Windows also has the best Hardware support. (try Mac OS or Linux to experience it if you do not believe me )

At the end if you do not like Windows DON'T USE IT !!!

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