Saturday, 18 January 2014

Win 7 Optimization Script

Here you can download the script to optimize your windows 7 system.
Before you do anything :
  1. Make sure to do a System Restore point
  2. Download the script
  3. Unzip it
  4. Run the optimize_win7.reg
  5. Reboot your computer 
  6. See the difference your self :)

  What is this script ?

           This script is a .reg file it is a collection of tested settings that can optimize your Win 7 computer.
  1. The startup and shutdown times are reduced
  2. The hard disk (especially if non SSD) can perform better and faster.
  3. Programs that are not responding freeze for less time
  4. The start menu and the explorer are faster

Though i have checked this script in various machines there is always a risk to harm your computer. I have no responsibility for any problem or damage caused by this script.

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